Comment from a viewer

From Liz.

“I was fortunate enough to see the Gestural Impressions Series: I,II, and III twice this past Saturday. I first saw it when the sun was high in the sky. The bright light filtered into the space through the silk, drawing people to take pictures or study the effect your work had on the surrounding sculptures. Later in the day, the sun hid behind the clouds and it began to rain. The sunlight, now twice-filtered, was soft and calming. Sitting across from your work, I watched as the blue dye danced and morphed into different shapes in this light. After some time, someone sat beside me. They appeared to be equally arrested by the movement within and of the the silks. Every minute of observation brought something else into perspective. Something else to contemplate. The light, the dye, the dark blue fabric that anchored it all or the metal peeking through the individual panels. Air then became my focus. The air that gently moved the silk, the audible breath of the person next to me and the awareness of my own breath. There we sat, two strangers sharing a meditative moment. Thank you.”