Sculpture Gallery PAFA

The work below was created as a way to connect with the energy of nature. Using natural elements such as water, wind, earth- to create these one-of-a-kinds earth’s impression. The journey begins at French Creek, Saint Peter’s Village. After choosing just the right location, I start with soaking the silk into the Creek. Then the silk is laid upon a rock, as I watch carefully I choose just the right time to allow powder dye to be blown onto the silk. Then the magic begins. Watching how the dye and silk connect with the crevices of the rock captures a glimpse of this primal mark making created by these elements.

This work brings a sense of tranquility and impermanence to our ever-changing world. The simplicity of the shapes and materials used have a very minimalistic quality that creates a balanced complexity, yet calming effect. As one gazes at the work, you may find yourself on a personal journey, slowly exploring the patterns that can lead to an unexpected experience; of slowing down long enough to reflect on nature and the living world. The work is created with the same gentleness of spirit and kindness that nature has given to humankind.


  1. Diane

    I am a CHESTER county resident looking for a large scale blue/ white artwork made locally. I stumbled upon your gorgeous silk pieces. How much is a large scale (vertical) piece?


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