“Diane Deery Richards”, “Washed Away”, installation “Broad Street Gallery PAFA” Hand-dyed Silk, acetate and pins 2017


Wash Away


Diane Richards, LRMFA ‘18


Water is transformative. And a challenge to depict. How do you capture something that is always moving? Maybe the point is to ‘not’ capture the image of water but capture the feeling of water. Water can have such positive effects on our body, mind, and soul. As a child, I spent hours playing in a nearby stream. It didn’t matter that it was the same stream I went to year after year, there was always something new to see. As a fiber artist, I wanted to create a work of art that seems to transform as you gazed at the work. I paint the silk using a watery quality of soft blends, the material of silk is a delicate yet incredibly strong material. These qualities allow me to capture what I’m trying to convey- strength yet delicacy. The silk was then cut into simple shapes to create a pattern.  These shapes were placed at various heights to create a topographical-like quality that allowed the shapes to create shadows onto the surface. Standing in front of my work, you may notice that there is more beyond the surface. With the slightest movement, you control a different viewpoint. The silk hovers above the surface and a slight breeze and the direct light brings the work alive. As a fiber and environmental artist I want the work to feel as pure as water. 

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